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A complete dedication to the investments of clients, with an exclusive concentration on their financial well-being.

Samuel Freshfields' advising and brokerage services are diversified, allowing the company to create customized strategies and generate outstanding results for its customers.


Our purpose is always to collaborate with clients in order to attain their investment objectives. While many financial organizations promote one-size-fits-all products, we work hard to align the underlying disciplines of our dividend-growth philosophy with our customers' individual goals for wealth creation, use, and preservation.

Our top priority is ensuring excellence in investing

Individual Attention and Customized Advice

Because no two clients are alike and every scenario is different, your portfolio manager will go over the following with you:



  • Investment goals, requirements, and expectations;
  • Time horizon;
  • Liquidity needs;
  • Risk tolerance;
  • Responsibilities;
  • Socially responsible investing considerations;
  • Investment advice and wealth management services.

Investment Counseling

To generate a highly tailored counseling process, Samuel Freshfields supports the highest standards of ethics, responsibility, and competence. We tailor our recommendations to your specific financial needs, risk tolerances, and timelines. The key to reaching your financial objectives is to grow and sustain your wealth. As a result, our investment counseling approach is a natural extension of our investment philosophy: achieving a consistent and rising stream of income flow to support your investment goals.



  • Process

    We start by listening and move forward only if we have a thorough understanding of your overall financial objectives.

    Then, using a study of your assets, liabilities, and cash flow requirements, your specific financial circumstances are quantified.

    We assist you in assembling a team of experts outside of Samuel Freshfields to collaborate with us on your behalf.

    We create a cash flow strategy that we coordinate with the asset management team.

  • Analysis

    As required, Samuel Freshfields works confidentially with you and your advisors to assess available resources, identify appropriate options, and identify any existing barriers to attaining your financial objectives. The input and recommendations of your expert team are then coordinated via our approach, as described above, to address any or all of the following categories:


    Cash flow planning

    Tax strategies

    Estate planning

    Education funding

    Debt management

    Insurance product evaluation

    Retirement planning

    Investment portfolio structure


    Concentrated portfolio positions

  • Results

    Our investment counseling method yields a feasible future plan - a customized strategy that we put into action on your behalf.


    Our company's independence aligns us with our clients' demands; we only recommend ideas or items that will benefit our clients. Our advice adds value, with the ultimate goal of securing financial success for future generations.

  • Partnership Consideration

    Each partnership is examined quarterly by Samuel Freshfields' Investment Committee in a group process, in addition to ongoing monitoring by your specific portfolio manager. This assessment ensures that every Samuel Freshfields client is benefiting from our company's combined knowledge and skills.



Independent, Experienced, and Unique

Foundations, endowments, institutions, public funds, pension funds, profit sharing, and other investment programs are among Samuel Freshfields' institutional clients. We see ourselves as partners in our clients' missions, and we are delighted to have worked with so many of them.


Samuel Freshfields' independence, experienced investment experts, and unique dividend-focused equity methodology set us apart from our competitors, according to our institutional investors and consultants.


  • We are able to attract and keep excellent, experienced investment experts due to our independence. Our company is entirely owned by our investment experts, and we have a high retention rate.
  • Our seasoned investment advisors prioritize the needs of their clients. Our portfolio managers have an average of 25 years of expertise in the field. We work hard to deliver excellent service and an investment experience that exceeds your expectations.
  • Our dividend-focused equities strategy results in a high-quality portfolio with a competitive and increasing dividend income stream. Our portfolios have a low standard deviation of return and favorable downside capture compared to many peers, with the goal of achieving competitive returns over the complete market cycle.


All our actions are guided by our purpose “We protect your future”. The power of this promise and the increasing role Samuel Freshfields plays in people’s lives were impressively confirmed by our client feedback survey.

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Responsible Investments

Our global investment management team has control over which industries and companies our funds are invested in. Decisions about what is or isn't invested in is in our control, guided by our Responsible Investment Policy.

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