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Our foremost focus is on achieving excellence in investing. This entails producing appealing profits while avoiding associated risks, which is often the case in inefficient markets. While we strive for increased returns, our utmost priorities are consistency in performance, safeguarding of capital, and outstanding achievements even in demanding situations.

Samuel Freshfields’ Core Values

  • Purpose

    Samuel Freshfields is a next-generation investment company that strives to provide its clients access to a wide range of financial products and markets, as well as expert guidance to help them maximize their results.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to create, develop, and support cutting-edge infrastructure that will improve financial market accessibility and transparency.

  • Vision

    We believe in liberal financial markets. Our goal is to create a benchmark for financial intermediary transparency and market accessibility.

  • Our People

    The development of a team represented by people who share the organization's basic values of integrity, proactivity, and individualism has been critical to our multiple long-standing and successful client relationships.

Experienced investment experts, a global platform, and a fully integrated investing philosophy are among the company’s competitive advantages.

Our Clients

Anyone who qualifies as a Samuel Freshfields client can make use of extensive market access, advantageous execution technology, available financing, and our investment team's assistance. Professional investors, investment service companies, brokerage firms, asset management firms, hedge funds, and monetary financial institutions are among our clientele.

Our Team

Our expert team includes specialists in investment, trading, research, accounting, audit, company administration, compliance, and finance, all being capable to apply their technical expertise to each of our clients' unique needs.

Our Competitive Advantage

Experienced investment experts, a global platform, and a fully integrated investing philosophy are among the company’s competitive advantages. Risk management, consistency, market efficiency, expertise, bottom-up analysis, and control of market timing form the tenets of Samuel Freshfields' investment philosophy. This is reinforced by a set of core business values that explain our dedication to excellence in investing, sharing clients’ interests, a collaborative culture, and a structured, opportunistic approach to expanding offerings.

About Us


Global Diversity and Inclusion

A dynamic workforce and ongoing commitment are competitive benefits for our company in the face of increased market complexity, a challenging market for top talent, and an expanding spectrum of client needs. We are a group of people of all ages, genders, races, nationalities, and ethnicities who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Namely diversity enables us to address conventional wisdom, stimulate innovative thinking, and improve our lives and connections with clients, organizations, colleagues, and those with whom we do collaborate.


A Company-Wide Strategy

When it comes to global diversity and inclusion, Samuel Freshfields follows a comprehensive, company-wide strategy. We aim to create an environment where diversity has a positive impact on our activities by implementing our determined values into our business and personnel management strategies. Starting with upper management, everyone at Samuel Freshfields contributes to our inclusive culture. Our Global Diversity Committee, which is chaired by one of our firm's partners and supervised by the director of Global Diversity and Inclusion, helps us organize and improve our efforts on a regular basis.

Samuel Freshfields' major principle is to reach a wide audience, which involves being open to diverse perspectives and attempting to comprehend and appreciate everyone's experiences and views. We feel that having a diverse range of viewpoints allows us to provide better solutions for our clients.


Business Structures

Our business processes and proactive working groups positively influence our global diversity and inclusion strategy by connecting people from various backgrounds and interests so that they work on initiatives such as proficiency development, promotion, expansion, and community engagement. These networks provide us with a worldwide, cross-functional outlook that helps us offer our clients the finest services possible.


Initiatives to Develop Talent

Our success is fueled by our competent and talented workers, who represent all aspects of diversity, as well as our welcoming environment, which fosters individual perspectives. Our talent initiatives are aimed at building excellent teams that are as diverse as our clients, thus helping us achieve high levels of performance. We cooperate with a number of diverse organizations, ready to assist us to recruit, develop, and retain individuals coming from all walks of life. Our inclusive culture strengthens our collaborative culture, encourages new thinking, and aids us in achieving greater investment returns for our customers.

Our inclusive culture strengthens our collaborative culture, encourages new thinking, and aids us in achieving greater investment returns for our customers.


Community and Philanthropy

We participate in a variety of charity programs and activities within our communities throughout the world, as a reflection of our global diversity and inclusion strategy. Through volunteerism and targeted corporate giving activities, we are determined to create a positive impact on local communities.

Employees at Samuel Freshfields are encouraged to donate their time and resources to charitable organizations of their choice. We believe in actively giving back to the communities in which we live and work, from our grant, charity giving, and matching gift programs to staff volunteering and environmental projects.

The following are just a few of the ways we can assist:

  • The Samuel Freshfields Foundation offers annual grants to organizations in our communities that help economically disadvantaged individuals enhance their educational possibilities.
  • The Annual Appeal allows us to make a one-time donation to a pre-selected group of deserving causes.
  • Employee donations to certain registered nonprofit organizations can be matched through the Matching Gift Program.
  • The Volunteer Program allows everyone to regularly volunteer at a nonprofit organization.

Samuel Freshfields Foundation

Samuel Freshfields employees offer their time and expertise to serve on the Grant Recommendation Committee, which performs a thorough assessment of each candidate and organization we sponsor. The Foundation is able to allocate gifts to groups that meet the Fund's educational goal through mutual dedication.

The mission of the Foundation is to support programs and organizations that offer various opportunities for economically disadvantaged sectors.

We support programs that deliver high-quality academic education to economically disadvantaged individuals in our communities. We consider that a solid academic foundation can have a significant and positive impact on multilateral development.


Environmental Projects Making the World a Greener Place

We are dedicated to reducing our operations' environmental impact and increasing staff awareness of sustainable practices. These activities are mostly driven by the firm's Getting Greener project, which identifies, evaluates, and implements sustainability initiatives that assist our workers and communities while complementing our day-to-day operations.

At the moment, we have ecologically responsible activities in the following areas:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Recycling Programs
  • Technology
  • Green Building Standards
  • Engagement and Awareness

We continue to get a better understanding of the environmental impacts of our operations and improve our practices correspondingly.


Engagement and Awareness

Getting Greener promotes environmental awareness and sustainable habits at work and home among employees. We offer access to information on local and worldwide environmental activities. We also work with our local community partners to figure out how our operations fit into the larger sustainability practices and educational programs.

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