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Responsible Investment

We believe in liberal financial markets

We are dedicated to responsible investing. When making investment decisions, our in-house investment management team considers environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

Responsible Investment

  • How we approach responsible investing

    Regarding the organizations in which we invest, we look for alternatives and vote for positive change on ESG concerns. Furthermore, none of our funds have direct or indirect in companies producing controversial products. We do not avoid businesses based just on their products, we eliminate businesses based on their behavior and impact on people and the environment.

  • How we apply our Investment Policy

    Our Responsible Investment Policy outlines how we will apply ethical investing ideas and practices to our investment decisions. This includes decisions about whether or not to invest in securities and whether or not to hire investment managers.

  • How we do our research

    We focus on in-depth research, ratings, and analysis of the impact on the environment, social concerns (such as employee working conditions), and governance-related business practices of thousands of firms throughout the world.

  • We have complete control over where we invest

    The industries and companies in which our funds are invested are under the authority of our global investment management team. We have control over what gets invested and what does not, according to our Responsible Investment Policy.

The investment strategy we have chosen gives us a higher chance of outperforming the market. Our prudent investment choices reflect sound long-term business judgment. Investors might feel good about doing the "right thing" while still earning a profit.

Inspiring positive change in the areas where we invest

We may use proxy voting to impact positive development on ESG concerns in companies we invest in by leveraging the collective power of our investors. We identify opportunities and, where appropriate, vote for change as a Socially Responsible Investor using world-class research. These votes make solid business sense in the long run.

Diversity & Inclusion

Through enhanced and improved recruitment, talent development, education, and awareness, Samuel Freshfields established what had been an informal Diversity & Inclusion strategy aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion, focusing on underrepresented groups within our investment teams and officer-level positions. We are employing a four-pillar strategy to achieve this goal:



Innovative and proactive outreach and recruitment efforts focused on talent and dedication.


Retention & Development

Programs and benefits focused on retaining and strengthening Samuel Freshfields' diverse workforce.


Awareness & Education

Training and other initiatives centered on inclusive leadership and raising awareness of prejudices that may prevent us from fully reaping the benefits of a diverse workforce are needed.



Executive leadership clearly communicates Diversity & Inclusion requirements to department heads and hiring managers, as well as resource allocation to achieve enhanced transparency and accountability.


Our four-pillar plan has demonstrated great potential. We are making progress toward our objectives while also promoting social fairness in our communities.

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