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Alternative investments are becoming more important in portfolios as allocations expand. There has never been a greater need for a sustainable, disciplined, streamlined, technology-enabled, transparent, and fiduciary partnership-based strategy.

Our solutions

  • Hedged Equities

    With various market exposures and volatility profiles, hedged equities generate equity-driven returns. As a manager of long/short equity strategies, Samuel Freshfields has substantial expertise in the management of hedged equities portfolios across markets and financial disciplines.

  • Fixed Income Oriented

    In this area, our global strategies pursue returns based on macro, credit, and relative-value insights rather than benchmark-relative positioning. Even in low-yield or rising-rate circumstances, these strategies may produce high returns. Our capacity to build strategies with unique risk and return characteristics is bolstered by the company’s significant presence in global fixed-income markets.

  • Multi-Asset Solutions

    Our multi-asset solutions incorporate methods from several disciplines to suit investors' objectives, such as achieving a specific level of return or income, outperforming inflation, or meeting a risk target. Our collaborative culture is well adapted to establishing effective multidisciplinary approaches, as is revealed through the company's expertise in managing asset allocation portfolios.

  • Alternative Exposures

    Many investors are looking for methods that have little or no correlation to typical market exposures and, ideally, can provide alpha as well as diversification. We have significant experience spotting tactical options that may emerge from unstable markets, as well as strong capabilities in publicly listed alternative exposures. This comes as a result of our long-term presence in specific asset categories, such as commodities and infrastructure.

  • Absolute Return

    Absolute-return techniques seek to increase consistent returns irrespective of market direction. We provide a wide selection of absolute-return strategies that aim for consistent returns over time while assisting other components of an investor's overall portfolio in reaching their objectives.

Championing a New Era of Alternatives

Growing demand and complexity in private markets necessitate a new age of alternatives to help investors overcome long-standing roadblocks. We are supporting the industry to overcome these obstacles by developing a new type of collaboration with our clients.

Alternative Exposures

  • Managed Futures

Fixed Income Oriented

  • Emerging Market Long/Short
  • Emerging and Sovereign Opportunities
  • Global Macro
  • Global Total Return
  • Developed Currencies/Relative Value
  • Government Relative Value
  • Select Rates/Relative Value
  • Structured Product/Absolute Return
  • Systematic Relative Value

Hedged Equities

  • Systematic Global Absolute Return
  • Long/Short Country Alpha
  • Market Neutral

Multi-Asset Solutions

  • Multi-Strategy Low Beta
  • Diversified Alpha Strategies
  • Multi-Asset Absolute Return
  • Real Total Return

Differentiated features of our approach

  • Portfolio managers with demonstrated skill across a variety of market environments
  • Nimble and entrepreneurial, yet supported by the resources and infrastructure of a globally scaled firm
  • Strategies developed in direct response to investors’ needs

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