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Samuel Freshfields is a next-generation investment company that strives to provide its clients access to a wide range of financial products and markets, as well as expert guidance to help them maximize their results.

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While we strive for increased returns, our utmost priorities are consistency in performance, safeguarding of capital, and outstanding achievements even in demanding situations.


Using innovative risk-management methodologies, our multi-manager strategic solutions aim to combine distinct sources of alpha from Samuel Freshfields' broad range of investing approaches.

Contrarian Approach

Individuals who take a contrarian approach do not follow popular beliefs, but instead assess sentiment, pricing, and facts to determine objective value, disregarding their emotions. By utilizing contrarian techniques, they often identify potential opportunities that the market may overlook.

Our Competitive Advantage

Experienced investment experts, a global platform, and a fully integrated investing philosophy are among the company’s competitive advantages. Risk management, consistency, market efficiency, expertise, bottom-up analysis, and control of market timing form the tenets of Samuel Freshfields' investment philosophy. This is reinforced by a set of core business values that explain our dedication to excellence in investing, sharing clients’ interests, a collaborative culture, and a structured, opportunistic approach to expanding offerings.

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The Primacy of Risk Control

Our goal is not just to achieve higher investment performance, but to achieve excellent performance at a lower risk level. Superior performance in difficult times is required to demonstrate that the good-time benefits were gained through competence rather than just accepting above-average risk.

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Exclusive, In-Depth Research

In order to add value to our markets, we need a deep knowledge advantage, which can only be obtained through exclusive, in-depth research. Each market has its own team of highly skilled professionals, and we have developed a research technique that is routinely used.

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Investment Counseling

To generate a highly tailored counseling process, Samuel Freshfields supports the highest standards of ethics, responsibility, and competence. We tailor our recommendations to your specific financial needs, risk tolerances, and timelines.

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Our purpose is to safeguard your future, and all our actions are guided by this mission. Our commitment has been reinforced by the remarkable results of the recent client feedback survey, which highlights the growing significance of Samuel Freshfields in people's lives.

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Responsible Investments

The industries and companies in which our funds are invested are under the authority of our global investment management team. We have control over what gets invested and what does not, according to our Responsible Investment Policy.

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